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When you have an obstructive stump on your property you need a company to remove it for you. No matter the reason when you need the removal of the stump from the roots, call us.

Is there a tree stump that you’ve been trying to remove? With your tree and stump removal, let The Syracuse Tree Service Pros help!

The Syracuse Tree Service Pros offers tree and stump removal for tree stumps of any scale. When we cut your tree down, we can remove your stump, or you can call us for stump removal at a later date. We can remove any unsightly stump from anywhere on your estate with our top of the line Vermeer stump grinding machines.

Our range of machines of various sizes can handle stumps that are extremely large in size, situated on a sloped hill, or a stump wedged in a narrow environment. We may leave the chips of tree stump wood stacked up for you to reuse as mulch, or take them away for an additional fee.

Stumps may be an extra landscape feature that many would like to preserve not just because they are hard to remove, but because they serve as backyard decoration. But because of the inconveniences that stumps may cause, you may wish to reconsider. For one, if they are in the middle of the yard, you will have to manoeuvre your way around them. Otherwise, the lawnmower will end up bumping into them and causing damage to the unit. Second, they can take up a lot of space, which makes it hard to incorporate other features to the landscape. Consider employing a supplier of tree services to kill them for good.

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Depending on the client’s choice, our stump removal service will make use of various methods. We can only grind it until it is small enough to be filled with soil if you don’t want to damage the soil. If you’re cool with digging it up full, we can use shovels and other materials to uproot the whole stump. We may use a chemical substance remover, drill holes on the stump, and pour it inside until the whole stump is removed, if you would rather have it removed using chemicals. No matter what form you choose, once and for all, we will help you get rid of these stumps.

Although stump grinding is the easier way of getting rid of stumps, in some situations complete stump removal is either the only option or necessary. Many people have a stump where accessing the stump with the grinding machine is not possible. Since the grinding machine is a heavy piece of equipment. It is quite big and would need a few square feet of area to operate safely. If the stump doesn’t have that sort of area, our people will use traditional methods of stump removal. In rare cases, the roots can continue to grow and cause damage to the surrounding. If the root was the reason you cut the tree. For example, if the roots of the tree were damaging the concrete foundation of the house, the porch, driveway pavement, or utility lines, it is safe to remove the roots. Roots can encourage the tree to regrow as well if left behind for long enough. During stump removal, the roots are not removed. When the roots eventually rot, they will cause infestations, fungal growth, and a spurt of grass growth around the stump.

Complete removal of the stump is needed when you require the area for construction purposes.
For example, when you need to pave the ground, build a driveway, porch, parking lot in case of commercial place, a new building, or some other construction in the area, it is essential that you remove the roots of the tree for a stronger foundation for the construction. In the case of big projects, where acres of lands are required to perform big infrastructure projects, our team can remove multiple stumps if there are any. We are experts at stump removal and do it right. There is a lot of sawdust and mulch generated which you might not know what to do. You might have to find a way to either throw it away or make use of it. If you want us to get rid of it, we can throw it away in the local landfills. In stump removal, there are no stump grinds, no mulch, but the ground is dug up quite deep. In some cases, we might have to do roots mapping before going in, we also have to take permission from the local authority ensuring none of the utility lines are harmed in the process.

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The cutting of Stump requires even more time and hard labor. It could be difficult, though, to expect the roots to decompose on their own. This method is very slow, but it wouldn’t happen for at least a few dozen years, on the off-chance that there is a minor caving-in of the topsoil. Give us a call today for a free estimate.

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